Why Roboclean

Roboclean is not vacuum cleaner but an extraordinary cleaning and health system that incorporates many functions.

By trapping 99.99% of dusts, it crates very clean environments to live for your family.


Only with a small touch, you can use your device comfortably. According to need of your device you can set 9 different stages easily.


One of the most outstanding features of Roboclean is its double stage fan engine manufactured specially with high technology. With speed of 19.000 rpm and separator technology, it confines undesired dust, dirt, mite and effluvia in water, forming swirl in water housing and gives washer clear air back to environment naturally. Thanks to bilayer cooling technology, it provides high vacuum power with less energy.


By courtesy of 150 W powered engine of the lighted deep cleaning apparatus, it can access the points hard to reach, clean mite, dust and sand particles congested in carpet fibres.


By employing ionizer function of Roboclean, you can bring very clean nature air into your house.


While doing cleaning, you can command your device with the remote control or clean your House’s air from the place where you sit down.


Through hidden cord rewinding unit of your device, store in every corner of your house easily.

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